9.-11.3. Edinburgh, Ritual Magic Training - Part 1

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Ritual Magic Training - Part 1
Facilitated by Revd. Morag Cameron

9th -11th March 2012
The Theosophical Society
28 Great King Street
EH3 6Q

The SOL offers three practical training weekends in Ritual and Ceremonial procedure for its students. These are held at intervals during the Foundation Course and into the First phase of the Main Course. All students are required to take these three weekends as part of their commitment. Each series will be held in various areas of the UK to make it easy for students to attend. This series will be held in Edinburgh and is open to students in Scotland, and the North East and North West of the UK. The Facilitator is Reverend Morag Cameron a 3rd Degree Initiate and Magus of Lodge Bride.
The 1st session offers Basic Western Magic, The Qabalah, building of the Magical Personality, the Temple and its symbology. The importance of pathworking, correct breathing, posture and behaviour in a Temple. How to handle and understand the meaning of the Altar Tools. To consecrate salt and water, present and handle the Bread and Wine, how to present the sacred objects to an officer or participant in ritual. You will learn the layout of a ritual and the role of the main officers. The importance of Voice, invocations and evocations. How to choose a magical name and the meaning of the 1st Degree Initiation.
The art of movement and gesture is important in ritual, and you will be advised on the making and wearing of Robes etc. Selected pathworkings will be given and on Saturday evening you will take part in a ritual, to give you an experience of what ritual means and its effects. The weekend will be a busy one and will need your full attention. Please bring a pair of soft slippers, if you have a robe already bring it with you if not a black skirt or pants and top will suffice. (No …Black is NOT to be associated with evil, after all priests of the Christian Church wear black clerical suits and a black cassock) You will be given the White Cord of a Neophyte to be worn during the weekend and in ritual. On completion of the Foundation Course this is changed for the Gold Cord of a Dedicand.
The Cost of the weekend is £70 (no accommodation)
£25 non-returnable deposit payable direct to:
Morag Cameron, Garrion Parsonage Road, Galashiels, TD1 3HS
For enquiries e-mail : Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!
Places are limited, so hurry. Some concessions available.

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