Because of my Qabbalistic studies I practiced daily the complete Middle Pillar exercise for many years. In the last few years I adapted it to a Pagan form. This long practice let me instantly be able to access the same power supply, but gave me difficulties working out the subtle differences. The effects were not really separable, so that I believe this exercise to be so universal that the subtleties only enhance certain aspects of the represented ideology.

I understand the two powers meditation to be an attunement to the cosmos, the land around us and realizing oneself as the Sacred Tree within our own universe. By becoming our own axis mundi, we can become a messenger between the worlds. It can be used to raise power and for group mind forming. On a daily basis it can bring long term health improvement. Probably, like the Middle Pillar, it can be used for healing others as well. An evolutionary connection can be seen on babies who use instinctively their vertical axis to calm themselves. In German language we talk about “being in the middle of oneself” as in being balanced within.

By connecting with the Earth power, I connect with the Underground power, and finally with the source of all sources. I see here the primal waters, a very primeval and “titanic” power. Usually I feel a strong, “deep basso”, which gives me a firm standing. Like blood the Water pulsates through me. Usually it activates the serpent power, but I can turn it off or down. The pulse then goes up, starting to fill the cauldrons. The chakras left out are automatically filled as well. I actually really like the pictures of cauldrons.

The connection to the sky energy and the stellar power feels more patterned but not less powerful. The Pole star is the first materialization point. The ordering comes from the stars and moon, which order our world according to their describing pattern. There is a certain feel that the stellar power could as well discharge its energy into the chalices, showing the force of the path of the “Lightning flash” or the Tarot card “the Tower” not necessarily a “cozy” feeling. In creation it brings in the minerals so water and fire bring forth life. It fits the Indo-European theme of Fire in Water. This connects us with our primal spark at the bottom of the spine and the resting place of the serpent power and the egg within, which could as well be Creirwy, the Druid’s Egg. It is as well our own inner Omphalos, our direct connection to the Gods and the navel of our inner Kingdom. The sky power can give me sometimes a light headedness and often feels like a strong wind. So I actually connect it to Fire and Wind.

In daily praxis I use the short version I’ve written myself as a noon exercise. Momentarily it is not included in daily meditation. It is included in Sunday Service once a week, but I preferred working with my own variation: I first return to “illo tempore”, then use the Star as “first swirling”, then Earth power then Sky power and set myself as a Tree with a burning flame in the middle. It is creation within, then re-creating the cosmos without.
In group rituals I use this exercise adapted to weather conditions, which usually means that the colder the weather the shorter the rituals. The range of the exercise is from simple prayer to meditation.